About TrailBlazers

TrailBlazers is a groundbreaking youth empowerment initiative, founded by Sophie Radcliffe. TrailBlazers was born of Sophie’s own journey of trying to figure out how to be true to herself, and developing the courage to blaze her own trail as well as her passion to champion ordinary people to do extraordinary things! The program helps teenage girls develop the mindset and skills to develop confidence and live courageously.  Sophie believes that through challenging yourself, you can change your mindset and ultimately, your life.

TrailBlazers uses the transformative power of adventure, active challenges and the inspiration of a relatable role model (Sophie Radcliffe) to tackle the alarming decline in mental health and physical activity among secondary-school aged girls, and advise them how social media can be used for good and to inspire one another.

TrailBlazers aims to build and inspire a community that fosters confidence in success outside of the regular markers i.e. highest grades, money. TrailBlazers celebrates effort, curiosity, mindset and growth, helping young women discover their best selves and be proud of their individuality.


Why we do what we do

1 in 4 teenage girls are showing signs of depression and youth anxiety has increased by 35% year on year. Research from the Youth Sport Trust and Women in Sport (reported on here by the BBC)  tells us that 80% of teenage girls understand the importance of being active and playing sport, but that only two thirds of them said they are not keen on taking part due to low confidence and self-esteem. The Insider, informs us that even 20 minutes of exercise a day, can not only reduce anxiety and depression, but can also alleviate symptoms of low self esteem and social withdrawal and increase productivity. As digital natives, teenage girls now experience a lot of perceived pressure that can affect their mental health and confidence, in particular from social media.  TrailBlazers will act as a tool to help the girls learn otherwise and empower them to find their confidence!

TrailBlazers gives students free of charge access to the program in schools in socially deprived areas. The goal of TrailBlazers is to fill the gap between what we learn in schools and the skills we need to navigate the modern world by building confidence, courage, resilience and a supportive community. Changing hearts, minds and lives!


TrailBlazers Program

We are currently working with 100 year 9 and 10 girls across six schools in London and Kent. Across two work shops and a series of digital catch ups with Sophie, the teenage girls involved will undertake a series of confidence building challenges, encouraging them to try new things and break out of the bubble of their day to day lives.

The program culminates with an adventure in the summer, where the teenage girls put into practice everything they have worked on and set them on their way to blazing their own trail in life.

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Inspiring Confidence…

“Sophie is a phenomenal role model whose story shows how social media can be used to inspire a healthy, active lifestyle, raise aspiration and create a community of support which enhances confidence and resilience."

—Ali Oliver, Youth Sport Trust Chief Executive